#ThankATeacher…Every Day

It seems as if there’s a special day for just about everything these days. National Brownie Day? Check. Be Humble Day? Check. Ear Muff Day? Bizarrely enough, check.

It might not be politically correct to say so, but we think that some holidays are better than others. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day top the list, as does what we’re celebrating this week: Teacher Appreciation Week.

National PTA started Teacher Appreciation Week in 1984. Designated as a special time to honor men and women who are passionate about teaching children, it’s a week marked with sweet notes, flowers, and gifts meant to communicate just how much teachers mean to us, not just for one week out of the year, but every day, all year long.

Some companies extend a few perks to teachers during this week, including discounts and freebies. Some teachers enjoy getting the ubiquitous–if somewhat stereotypical–gifts that scream teacher: mugs and picture frames adorned with apples come to mind. Something tells me, though, that  what most teachers want most can’t be purchased in stores.

*Heartfelt thanks: hearing what an impact they’re making through the year trumps a new mug any day. Hearing it from students and parents is important, and sending the principal a personal note is lovely. Like anyone else, teachers want to know that the work they do matters; they want to know that they matter. So tell them.

*A helping hand: teaching isn’t just an eight to three job. Most teachers are at school early and they take work home. Volunteering to help can free up an hour or more and is just as appreciated as home baked goodies.

*Blasts from the past: you don’t have to have a student currently in school to thank a teacher. Send a note to one of your favorite teachers from back in the day (snail mail is great, but if you don’t have that info try social media. Sometimes a Facebook post or message can make someone’s day). Reach out to one of your kids’ teachers from years past, and update him or her on what your kiddo is up to now.

Need more ideas? Check out these ideas, or leave me a comment and tell me your ultimate #ThankATeacher idea.


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